Adoption Application

Adoption Application

Please print and bring with or email.

Claws and Paws Animal Adoption Center
18705 Gateway Rd.
Lebanon, Mo 65536

In order to insure the health and well being of each animal from our adoption center we ask that you fill this application to the best of ability. Please be sure that you are financially and emotionally able to care for a pet. Animals are like people and have as many needs as we do. Ask yourself can you provide proper food, housing, vet care, discipline and love. We will do our best to approve your application as soon as possible, so please be truthful in your answers.

Name_________________________________Physical Address_________________________


Mailing Address_____________________City_____________________State_____Zip_______

Home Phone_____________________Cell Phone__________________Work______________

Who is your Vet?__________________________________Phone Number________________

How many Animals do you have at present time?___Dogs___Cats___Dog Breeds______________________________________________________________________

How many Animals have you had in the last 5 years?___Dogs___Cats___Were they all spayed or neutered? Yes_____ or No_____. Do you still have the same Animals? Yes____ No_____ If your answer is no please explain:_________________________________________________


Have you ever adopted from a shelter? Yes_____ No_____ If adopted from a shelter when and where?______________________________________________________________________

If you animal is to be outdoors do you have a fenced in area for them to exercise in? Yes___No___. What type and height of fence do you have?_____________________________ How big of an area do you have?_______________ If your Animal is going to be outside what kind of Shelter do you have for them?______________________________________________

Do you have Children?Yes____ No____ How many and ages?__________________________

Do you own a day care or have children visit your home on a regular basis? Yes___ No___ How many and Ages? ______________________________Do you have any other Animals including livestock, Fowl, etc.? Yes____ No____ List types of Animals you have_____________________


Do you own or rent your home?___________Type of Home?___________________________

How long at this address?_____________________________

NOTE; IF YOU RENT We must speak with your landlord ot have proof that you are allowed to have a pet.

Landlord Name;_______________________________Address__________________________

City___________________State_______Zip___________ Phone Number_________________

Please read the following notations, These Policies are not negotiable.

If you are interested in adopting as “aggressive breed” dog ( Pit Bull, Rottweiler, etc..) you must be over 25. If you rent your home we need a notarized letter from your landlord stating that you can have that particular breed. If you are a home owner, we need a letter from your insurance company stating that it will cover that particular breed. This is to protect you as well as the animal you are adopting. Please initial that you have read this________

It is the Missouri law that any animal adopted from a shelter or humane society must be spayed or neutered. If you are adopting an animal that is not already altered, you must sign a contract stating that you agree to have it spayed or neutered within a certain length of time. If it is not done, you will be required to relinquish the Animal back to us. Be aware that some animals must be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter. We are here to prevent over population. Please initial that you have read this________

By signing this you are stating that all the information is true and accurate.

Signature________________________________________ Date_______________________