Be Informed!

Information used from ASPCA

Lebanon Claws and Paws actively works to overcome the challenges causing animals to be abandoned, abused, overpopulated and neglected in Laclede County. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of education and informational resources. Lebanon Claws and Paws would like to help make it easier to find the information for you and help you make the right and best decision for you and your animals.

Please check out the information below for some of the biggest issues being faced:

Puppy Mills: A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation that places profit over the well-being of its dogs—who are often severely neglected—and acts without regard to responsible breeding practices.

Animal Hoarding ASPCAAnimal Hoarding: Hoarding is at once a complex animal cruelty issue, mental health issue and public safety issue. Claws and Paws works to ensure hoarders and their victims get the help they need.

Dog Fighting: Dog fighting occurs in every part of the country and in every dog-fighting_2type of community. Claws and Paws are working to ensure that canines are safe from this cruel sport.