Claw’s and Paw’s Honored!!!

 On March 4, 2017 Claws & Paws were honored with United States Army volunteer’s from the training class; 12Y ALC Class 001-17 at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.

They walked our dogs, played with cats, bathed dogs, shoveled dirt, raked gravel in our kennel’s and took some dogs on a 5K run at Ashley Park.

They presented us with new yard working tools and to top it off two of them came back and donated a new storage building!

We are so proud of our service men and women and spending the day with these wonderful soldiers’s meant the world to our animals!

The staff and board members here were overwhelmed and touched by the generosity and respect of the Soldiers; days like this people should think about how proud you should be of our Military and to be an American!Army volunteers