Puppies for Parole

Puppies for Parole

On December 1, 2016 Claws and Paws teamed up with the South Central Correctional Center in Licking Missouri to take shelter animals to the facility to get them adjusted to a new way of life. Most of the dogs that go, come from our local City Pound or have been abandoned. The inmates love it when the dogs come into the facility they now have a dog that they play and teach basic commands. They will see that they are bathed and feed and they have a space in their cell where the dog can sleep with them it is a wonderful program for the dogs and inmates.

All animals in the program are available for adoption. They have been neutered or spayed fully vaccinated , wormed, heart wormed
tested and have their rabies vaccination. The dogs will be in the program for 4 to 12 weeks depending on the animal and longer if needed.

Their program started in March 2010 they had their first dog.As of December 1, 2016 they have housed 370 dogs. The dogs receive care and are rehabilitated and trained by offenders involved with the Healing Paws Program.Some of the dogs have gone into the advanced training program for service animals and a few were given to Veterans as PTSD/LBI Companion Dogs.

The staff coordinator, staff Trainer and Offenders at South Central Correctional Center are showing no signs of letting up in there dedication to loving, rehabilitating, training,and finding forever homes for the dogs that come into their lives through the Healing Paws Program.

The offenders who participate in the Healing Paws Program are carefully screened and evaluated by the program’s Coordinator and Deputy Warden, with three staff members giving references for the offenders.

The offenders must enroll and complete a series of rehabilitative classes (impact of Crime, Impact of Criminal Thanking, and Anger Management) and receive a medical and mental health evaluation/clearance to participate in the program.

Upon approval and assignment the offender will be considered to be enrolled in the program for a probationary period under the tutelage of Ms. Laurie Barnaba, the staff Dog Trainer.

As part of the training all offender, dog trainers are trained in dog CPR and first aid.

In addition to the satisfaction the offender gets, in knowing he has saved an animal’s life and positively changed a family’s life forever, he will receive Restorative Justice hours and a certificate of Appreciation/Recognition for the dog they care for and trained.

If you or a love one would like to Adopt a dog from the Healing Paws program you can contact the following.

Tina Holland, Healing Paws Coordinator
South Central Correctional Center
255 West Hwy 32
Licking MO 65542
Phone: 573-674-4470
e-mail: Tina.Holland@doc.mo.gov
or contact
Doris Keeney, Manager
Lebanon Claws and Paws Animal Adoption Center
P O Box 2025 18705 Gateway Rd
Lebanon, MO 65536
Phone: 417-532-9671
e-mail: pets@lebanonclawsandpaws.com



These babies are currently in the Puppies for Parole Training Program but are still available for adoption!!!